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    • Wed, December 09, 2020
    • 12:00 PM
    • Sat, December 31, 2022
    • 1:00 PM

    This webinar will cover a variety of topics including OCR’s Covid-19 telemedicine and other guidance, trends in the breaches reported to OCR, recent enforcement actions, HIPAA best practices, and common compliance challenges, and an overview OCR’s HIPAA compliance resources. 

    Presenter: Sarah West

    Sarah West is an investigator with US Department of Health and Human Services in the Office for Civil Rights in the Southeast Region.  She responds to HIPAA complainants and conducts HIPAA breach investigations and compliance reviews.  She is also responsible for responding to complaints submitted by individuals who feel they have been discriminated against by an individual or entity that receives federal financial assistance from HHS on the basis of race, color, national origin, disability, age, sex and in limited circumstances religion.  She attended law school at Georgia State University’s College of Law, obtained a masters of arts in bioethics from Case Western Reserve University, and completed a bachelor’s in arts at Furman University, in Greenville, South Carolina. 

    • Wed, January 27, 2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Sun, December 31, 2023

    Webinar: Reviewing the Recent RHC Reimbursement Changes from CMS

    January 27, 2021  |  Noon Central

    This webinar will feature Brock Slabach, senior vice president for members services of the National Rural Health Association, who will detail the recent changes to rural health clinic reimbursement as part of the COVID-19 relief package passed by Congress in late December.  This bill included major changes regarding CMS reimbursement amounts for both independent and provider-based rural health clinics, and it is important that RHC administrators and pertinent staff attend to fully understand how these changes will affect them and their practice.  This webinar will also discuss the steps being taken to correct the negative elements of this bill in order to benefit all RHC types.


    No cost for members - $25 for non-members

    • Wed, November 10, 2021
    • 1:00 PM
    • Sat, November 11, 2023
    • 4:00 PM

    Arkansas Rural Health Annual Conference 

    Part 3

    Part 3 of the 2021 Arkansas Rural Health Annual Conference is now available on-demand which features sessions on rural challenges and opportunities.

    Members may register for the session at $25 per session or a $60 session fee for non-members.  A $60 registration fee includes membership for one year.


    Click here

    to view the full agenda for this session.

    Conference Dates: 

    Register for Part I - National Policy Updates 

    Register for Part IIState Funding Opportunities 

    Register for Part II - Rural Health Challenges and Opportunities 

    • Thu, November 11, 2021
    • 12:00 PM
    • Sat, November 11, 2023
    • 3:30 PM
    • On-Demand - Virtual

    Arkansas Rural Health Annual Conference 

    This year's 3-part Annual Conference is now available on-demand. Each session will meet around three hours, allowing ample time for other professional obligations! 

    Members may register for any session at $25 per session or a $60 session fee for non-members.  A $60 registration fee includes membership for 1 year, allowing you to register at the $25 rate for the other two sessions. 

    Conference Dates: 

    Part I - National Policy Updates

    Register Online for Part II -  State Funding Opportunities 

    Register Online for Part III - Rural Health Challenges and Opportunities 

    Click here to view the full agenda for all three sessions.

    • Wed, June 29, 2022
    • 12:00 PM
    • Fri, June 02, 2023
    • 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Provider-Based Rural Health Clinic Billing


    Join the association and MedCycle Solutions as they explain the differences between provider-based and independent rural health clinics. 

    Key Learning Objectives Include: 

    • Definitions 
    • Provider-Based Criteria 
    • Billing & Reimbursements 
    • Offsite Locations

    This webinar is in partnership with Mississippi Rural Health Association and Alabama Rural Health Association.  

    • Tue, December 31, 2024
    • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
    • Virtual

    Rural Clinics’ Embrace of the CMS Medicare Chronic Care Management Program---Improving Patient Outcomes & Driving Up Reimbursement

    Available for Download Through December 31, 2024

    Join Chandra Donnell, VP of Client Success with CrossTx and Faith Jones with HealthTechS3, a nationally recognized expert in Medicare Chronic Care Management and Care Coordination and long-time CrossTx partner, to participate in a webinar covering this new opportunity to track current care and provide enhanced care to at-risk patients while generating new reimbursement from CMS Medicare.  The webinar includes best approaches, tips for sustainability, and practical methods for bolstering revenue with Chronic Care Management, Behavioral Health Integration, and Collaborative Care Management. Learn about challenges and unique opportunities facing rural health clinics and unfolding CMS rules that can help improve overall patient care while contributing more revenue to rural health clinics.

Past events

Wed, February 16, 2022 Breaking Down Silos in Your Clinical Revenue Cycle
Wed, January 19, 2022 Rural Health Association of Arkansas Student Meeting
Thu, January 13, 2022 Swing Bed Quality Certification Program
Thu, November 11, 2021 On-Demand - Annual Conference - Part II
Wed, October 13, 2021 Annual Conference - Part II
Wed, September 22, 2021 Annual Conference - Part I
Thu, July 15, 2021 On-Demand: Vaccine Hesitancy Webinar
Wed, April 21, 2021 Rural Health Clinic 101 Workshop
Wed, September 02, 2020 RHAA 2020 Annual Conference

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